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News from the Lakes

Visit these pages regularly to keep up to date with what's happening at the lakes and the fish that are being caught.

New Video from Lake Meillant
16 January 2018

If you want to see the size and quality of the fish you might catch at our carp fishing lakes in France, have a look at our Facebook page where we’ve just uploaded a video showing us after netting the lake. We estimate there may be 20,000lbs of fish!

The most impressive thing is how young and clean all the fish are.  Take a look at the New video from Lake Meillant and remember to comment if you like what you’re seeing!

For more information about this beautiful French fishing lake, visit our Lake Meillant page.


Winter 2016/2017
09 February 2017

We have just returned from Chalet Lake where we have removed a great net of small silver fish and stocked an additional 1500lbs of carp up to thirty pounds.
Following the floods of May/June this year when both lakes had water flowing over the top of the dams, the autumn and early winter has been very dry. As of January 2017, Meillant is still about 12-18 inches from full and we look forward to some sensible rain!

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Face Book Page
03 January 2017

Rather than transfer everything here, we have set up our own Facebook Page to share news and pictures and our guest’s successes.

Please search on Facebook for Carp Fishers Abroad
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New fish for 2016
08 December 2015

I have just returned from the lakes having introduced another 90 odd carp between 20-25lbs into each lake. We have done this for a few years now and think the stocks are about where we want them. Numerous enough to be busy fishing but not so many that they can’t find enough food to grow!

Following the long, very hot summer this year, and despite heavy rain this autumn, both lakes are still fifteen inches from full. Judging by the number of calls from teams fishing elsewhere that had been cancelled due to low water levels, I guess this was a widespread issue this year. My local fish farming chum at Chalet Lake tells me that when the temperature is 35 celcius, as it was for quite long periods this year, and there is any sort of a breeze, you can watch the water levels fall by 1-2cm per day. Hopefully next season will be cooler!
David. Dec 2015
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Follow us on Facebook
08 December 2015

You can now follow us on Facebook. Search for Carp Fishers Abroad. Feel free to post photos and relevant stuff.

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Possibly our biggest catch from Lake Meillant?
29 August 2015

Hi David,
Well, what can I say about our week?

We thought last years result might have been an exceptional freak week, after all we caught in excess of 180 fish. This year, despite the hot weather France has been enjoying, we decided to revisit the lake determined to catch even more and if possible break the 200 mark.

Despite our high hopes of a repeat performance I thought that the hot conditions would probably prevent us. Michael the bailiff told us that the hot dry conditions had made the fishing harder and that the lake had seen little, if any rain in months.

Little did he know that we would bring our own rain with us, within hours of arriving we managed to break the drought and turn our little part of France into Northern England, wet, cloudy and a lot cooler.

As a result, the fishing was fantastic, we caught from all over the lake and at all sorts of ranges on a variety of baits, rigs and methods.
Although a large proportion of the fish were caught at night and early morning, we also caught well during the days.

One angler alone managed 78 fish, another 61. In total, between 5 anglers we managed 192 fish, the breakdown being as follows:

1 x 50
12 x 40s (several over 45lb to 48lb)
70 x 30s (with many over 35lb)
86 x 20s
14 doubles
9 catfish, biggest weighed 74lb, an even bigger fish was put back unweighed.

To say we enjoyed ourselves would be the understatement of the year!

Fishing at Meillant puts a whole new meaning to drive and survive. Due to the constant heavy spombing, lack of sleep and prolonged hard fights put up by the fish we all managed to discover muscles we never new existed.

Even though we caught so many fish, we were really pleased with the size and condition of the fish caught, 83 fish bigger than 30lbs, 12 of which weighed in excess of 40lb and 1 over 50lb says it all. I’m fairly sure that many of these will be even bigger in a few weeks as the feeding conditions improve.

Thanks for a great holiday, we will be back in the future when who knows, maybe we’ll break the 200 mark.

Kind Regards,
Alan Woolhead

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Cuttle Mill Carp Fishery
25 August 2015

Earlier this month we agreed a lease with HS2 to run Cuttle Mill as a carp fishery until such time as they want it back to build their new railway line. HS2 had compulsorily purchased the property a couple of years ago and since, I believe, have moved the line a 100m further away from the property, so it is possible it won’t be affected at all.

In the meantime, we have an iconic carp fishery, with a beautiful mill house built into the dam. Currently we are selling day tickets and a ‘two days and a night’ option during the week. If you are interested in fishing here, you can book and pay for day tickets up to a month in advance through the website.

Just as we let the fishing in France by the week, we are considering letting the fishery by the week to a team who would then also have the house, which is rather more comfortable than our French offerings! If you have ever thought about sitting up in bed and looking out across a carp pool then this could be your big chance!

I am testing the water at the moment. If anybody is interested in taking the fishery exclusively either for a week or possibly a shorter period then I would be pleased to hear from you so we can tailor an offer. If you simply want to rent the house and fish a day ticket then that could work as well.

The website is at

If you are interested in discussing options then best to e mail me with your contact info and I will call you back.

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Berney Emmett
04 August 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to fish meillant!!! We loved it!!!!

We will be re-booking for next year without a doubt!
We ended up with catching 45 fish with carp to 50lb and a catfish to 80lb!
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Craig Worby
20 July 2015

Hi there

I would like to share my picture with my biggest fish from last year’s trip with matt Rayner, Shane baker and Daniel Secker. I saw you put up Matt Rayners picture and Shane bakers biggest fish from that week on Lake meillant. This was my pb at 40lb 2oz from that week and my best year in France. please find picture attached.

Kind regards

Craig Worby
To see more pictures go to the gallery.

Chris Dawes
20 July 2015

Hi David

We had a great week at Meillant it is truly a beautiful lake, the bailiff Mikael is a very helpful and lovely person, please send our regards and we will look forward to seeing him in the future.
We hope to see you again soon (wife permitting)

Thanks again

Chris Dawes

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